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Spotify Radio 

Spotify up to 200 million! 

Spotify monthly active users is up , standing now at 200 million!

The majority of the companies subscriber base in North America and Europe, with around 60% of their paying

subscribers from this territories too. As such, Spotify is looking further afield to continue user growth  – especially

those who subscribe to the ‘paid’ service

Spotify’s recently launched in the Middle East / North Africa (MENA), and is shortly set to launch in India

As the company look back at 2018 though, they will see this growth as a job well done.

The official numbers shows that Spotify added at least 43m in 2018 – from its official (157M) year-end figure in 


So, now we turn to Spotify’s worldwide paying subscribers!

The company had 71m 2017 premium subscribers, ( growth of 23m subs on the 48m who were paying at the end

of  2016). Last year Spotify forecast that it would close off 2018 with somewhere around 95 Million paying users

worldwide. ( spotify will confirm the finalnumbers next month ) So around 22m – 25m additional paying users year

on year

How does that relate to the firm’s paid conversion rate ? If we suppose Spotify ended last year with 200m Monthly

Active Users and 95m paying subs, it would mean that 47.5% of the total users opted today for their music


In 2017, with 71m subscribers and 157m global MAUs, Spotify showed a paid-conversion percentage figure of 

45.2%.( slightly lower )

There is another important factor to consider though, which is how much Spotify’s subscribers are actually then

paying for their subscription each month

The average global Spotify subscriber was handing over the equivalent of $ 4.73 per month in Q3 2018 

( the last reported quarter from Spotify ) – This is down over $ 2 from  2015.

We suspect this number will be less pleasing to the ear of the music exec & artists who music is being played


YouTube Swipe     

YouTube Swipe!

YouTube is to introduce ‘Swipe’ gesture , As mobile users will be able to ‘swipe left’ to view new videos!
Following two years in the making, and research which suggests that swiping is easier for users than tapping.  

YouTube introduce ‘flexy watch’, which also allows the video player to adapt to a broad range of aspect ratios

automatically in their APP. 70% of YouTube viewers now come from the mobile web, which has led to this focus on better mobile device control 

Swiping videos / gesture controls help contain users and leads to more time watching videos.
This new feature is only available to select iOS users currently, and the feature has been in beta through the 

summer, but maybe rolling out across the spectrum soon… 

Android users will have to wait for the feature to appear if it’s successful on iOS.

SO, What this could mean for music videos & the revenue generated form the views on them?

The ease of use & ability to switch by swipe may pull users into other music through YouTube’s video selection

algorithms, and offer a better experience and way to discover new music. But, will having instant access to

additional suggested videos change how long people watch/listen to a video too?  It could also affect royalty

streams if someone ‘swipes’ within 30 seconds.It will be interesting to compare watched minute stats on videos

before and then again after this change!

YouTube counts a “view” as someone watching the video for at least 30 seconds.

Well’ be watching & keeping you up to date!

More info coming to this section soon stay tuned