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Topic 1. Platform Updates.
Their are upcoming Changes to All Music Platforms, that we here at Alms.Intl Provide to you our Clint(s) All Platforms are and will be updated. We are Giving our systems Major Updates and are always keeping up with the newest Technology in order for optimum Performance.

All VEVO Submissions must be submitted to us Via our email Submissions until our VEVO Submissions are updated in the Platform.

In the meantime we will submit all VEVO Submission on your behalf. Once VEVO is updated in the System(s) You will be able
to send your VEVO Submissions Directly through your personal platforms on your very own.

We have Worldwide Physical Distribution for those who qualify. You may contact us via email to inquire about our Physical Distribution Services.
Topic 2. Promotion.
All releases must have some form of real paid promotion
behind it. We expect all of our clients to put in work and to work hard and to invest in your selves.
 Topic 3. Physical Distribution.
Topic 4. Paypal, a requirement!
     We pay Royalties every month. All clients are required
     to set up a free paypal account in order to be paid. All
      payments are paid using paypal only.

      making sure that your paypal email is current and
      up to date with us, is the clients responsibillity.
Topic 4. All business related issues
All Business related issues are discussed and handled via email. If you have anyquestions or concerns,feel free to
email us.
Topic 5. When Submitting music via your Platform.
Please do not upload your music files into the Music platform using your cell phones. This may cause an
error in the system. If you do not have a Computer and cannot use someone elses Computer, please go to your Local Library. Thank you.