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Spotify for Artists

Spotify simplified the verification process for artist profiles as well as integraded playlisting to one place with Spotify for Artists:
From early May on, artists have to go through Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists is available for all artists. They no longer need 250 followers to get verified so get your access here today and get started!
Spotify also changed the pitching process for their Spotify playlists. Tracks by artists without a VIP profile can be also recommended now.
Apple Music for Android

The new app is available in 102 countries via Google Play, in China via Baidu as well as in 12 other contries via Apple. The app includes all features as on Apple Music via iOS 10.3, as well as Android functions like Android Beam.
Apple seems confident that they will improve their market share and gain additional users on Android.
Facebook integarated Spotify

Facebook has integrated Spotify sharing to its messaging service.
The new feature works for mobile users by clicking the additional menu item selector via FB-Messenger, choose Spotify, and then pick a song thatís either playing or cued up on a playlist. Then comes the option to share a singleís artwork, which another user can then tap to listen to on Spotify.
Spotify already has the option to share songs within its own app via email, Facebook and WhatsApp.
This new partnership makes it possible to share music from either platform, in particular one where people might already be chatting about music.

Apple Music can be expected as the next integration via Facebook messenger.

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